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Monday, January 01, 2007


Bye bye 06, Hello 07.

Looking back at the wishes and resolutions I made for the year, some of it materialize while others look set to remain on my resolution list for years to come.

06 is (and soon to be was) a mixed year. It marks the end of three enjoyable years of tertiary education and also signals greater responsibilities when I officially become a salaryman on the 27th of November. While I do enjoy the years spent at NTU, I am glad it ended as I lost the zest for studying in my final semester. Despite my usual reluctance to attend such events, I am pleased that I made the effort to attend the graduation ceremony and ball. Besides basking in joyous revelry, I needed a proper closure to the tertiary years, just like how collecting the pink IC marks the end of a young man's National Service term.

06 also saw me suffering from 2 health scares. A severe tension headache in February almost saw me snapped as I had my sleep interrupted by throbbing headaches and breaking out in cold sweat. I got it diagnosed pretty early and a prescription of painkillers managed to ward off further sufferings. A more severe scare came in the form of a chest X-ray done for my re-enlistment, where the X-ray report indicated that there may be fluids in my lungs. Although I don't know the implications of it, but it was serious enough for them to request me to go for further test to ascertain the results of the initial prognosis. As all these happened in the midst of my final examination, you can imagine the kind of struggles that were going in my mind as I try to concentrate for the exams. Ti Gong Bo Bi Gong Lang (Heaven watches over the dimwits), the prognosis turns out to be nothing but a scare. So cherish your health, and also the people around you.

06 was also special in the sense that I managed to chalk off two of the four items that are perennial guests on my resolution list. Mr. Exercise more and Mr. Lose more weight were finally given a wicked beating as I finally got my ass of the seat and gave my body a good workout. One of the reasons to slim down was due to the realization on how fragile life can be given the health scares I had and also the ailments that the people around me are suffering from. Another reason was that I was tired of the funk that I am in, the inability to accomplish anything. Since young, I have never done anything I can be truly proud of. From sports, music, photography to even my so called love life, I gave up without really giving in my best. Pertaining to my weight issues, although I know the peril of obesity and yet I still choose to persist in living a gluttonous lifestyle. At the age of 24, entering the prime of my life, I have to put a stop to being a liability to myself and the people around me. Many friends are also curious why I still single, I guess one of the reasons is that I have to prove to myself that I am capable of a level of commitment and perseverance before I can have another person entrust her happiness to me. Haha, I sound like Andy Lau in 瘦身男女.

And lastly, thank you friends for making my life a wonderful one and thank you friends who encouraged and kept faith in me during the low point in life. Thank you.

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