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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Random Ejaculations

You know that the Lunar New Year is around the corner when the ubiquitous NTUC outlets start blasting Chinese festive ditties.

"Eason Chan Live in Singapore", despite the initial lukewarm reactions, the concert ended with thousands surging to the front of the stage to party at the encore segment. This was all possible due to the effervescent Eason Chan. When I first saw the stage, I was amazed by the width of the whole structure. However by the end of the concert, the rationale behind the vast stage was clear. Throughout the concert, Eason was prancing, dancing, running and jumping around the stage. His level of energy last night can be compared with that of a Duracell Bunny, on drugs.

I previously made an entry about the disadvantages of being tall, now I can add another item to the list. It's a chore to be sited in front of vertically challenged concert patrons at a performance. You can't stand lest you get clubbed on the head for blocking their views. If you are unlucky enough, you even have to slouch on your seat so that the hobbits behind you can get a clear view at the stage. Poor back of mine, argh!

A downside of slimming down, is that the clothes that once fit snuggly no longer do so anymore. So anyone interested in starting a "Buy tyw some new clothes" fund so I can have some nice fitting clothes for work? I can swallow some pig intestines for those sickos who are accustomed to the Mediac*ck's way of raising funds.

Random Conversation of the Day

X: The way to snap a good portrait of a female subject is to focus the camera on the eyes. The eyes, are the windows to her soul.

Me: Geez really? I only focus my camera on the breasts.

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 10:49 PM


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