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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Random Ejaculations

OH MY GOD. Jacky Cheung World tour in Singapore, 13/14 of July at the Indoor Stadium. OH MY GOD. Who's game for the most expensive tickets?

After lamenting about the cons of being tall, I have finally found something good about it. While bantering with Birdman (yes, I have friends with weird names) at the gym, two katek ayams (short chickens) approached me to assist them to retrieve a MP3 player on top of the lockers. God knows why and how it ended up there, but being Mr. Nice Guy, I aided them without hesitation. After my kind deed Birdman actually mockingly quipped that my height is finally being put to good use for once, which drew chuckles from the onlookers.

You know, a big part of being chivalrous is to accede to whatever requests that the fairer sex have. This got Ooof and me thinking, what should we do if we see a gal wearing a Tee with the words "Grab Me!" printed right across the chest area?

Had a sudden craving for Kenny Rogers yesterday and the first thing I did was to punch in the words "Kenny Rogers" into my Firefox browser. Ah, look at what technology has done to our lives.

Oh, instead of salivating over pictures of food when I visited, I was serenaded by the voice of this old chap called Kenny Rogers.

Oh oh, his songs were pretty nice though.

Since I couldn't salivate at pictures of food served at Kenny Rogers, I did the next best thing I could which was to eat at Kenny Rogers. Potato salad, macaroni cheese and corn muffin. Brings back the fond memories of holing up at the Kenny Rogers' outlet at the quaint corner of Century Square. Ahh...

Nowadays I have been watching more foreign language films.
Indigènes (Days of Glory) in November and now Laberinto del Fauno, El (Pan's Labyrinth). It's not that I did not like films that are shoot in a foreign tongue, just that the genre of the foreign films I watched are mostly of a different genre that features chock full of action (of the physical nature) and very little dialogs.

Time now, 2:34am. Sleep I'm going to get, 4 1/2 hours. Not exactly the best preparation for the new work week, but total enjoyment derived from the night is priceless. Reason?

(Not so) Random Football Result of the Week.

Tottenham 2 Newcastle United 3

The comeback kings are back!

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