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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Random Ejaculations

Remember my dilemma over the purchase of Cheer Chen's limited edition single? There's a youtube video (actually the single's MTV) teaching viewers on how to retrieve the content inside the elaborate packaging. Sweeeeet.

In what has to be biggest lie perpetuated since the story of "The Boy who cried Wolf", every football match held at the National Stadium is being billed as the "last match at the National Stadium", no doubt a marketing ploy by organizers trying to play the nostalgia card. This Asean Football Championship event (The event formerly known as Tiger Cup, or TEFKATC for short) is the fourth or fifth event to be held at the National Stadium since news of the "imminent demolishing of the National Stadium" first surfaced. Who knows, the National Stadium might still be around when Singapore host the 2100 edition of the World Cup.

Funny that a day after I queued 40 minutes for a plate of Cai Tao Kuey at the Rochor Food Centre, Sunday Life decides to do a feature on food queues. I didn't waste my 40 minutes twitching my thumbs but rather I spent it constructively by pondering why people like myself would queue up to an hour just for a plate of food. Given that I decided to patronize the stall solely on the length on the queue, I figured that the food must be a) damn good, b) damn cheap or c) the cook is damn slow. Sadly, the plate of Cai Tao Kuey falls into category b) and c).

Am I the only person who thinks that the weather is getting unbearably cold these days? And when I complained about the coldness, I get derided by my colleagues for a wuss. One colleague even commented in Chinese : "你那么大只还怕冷, 真没用!" (You're build like a log and yet you can't withstand the chill, useless!). Yeah, we fat people get blamed for everything ranging from occupying too much space on public transport, eating too much food. And now we can't even shiver without drawing flaks. Goodness.

Crazy Horse has closed! No more bare titties! No!!!!!!! Porn and art should have never get together in the first place.

Mr. Duck, never dies!

(Not so) Random Video of the Day

RIP, Xu Wei Lun.

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