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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Drinking Woes

After the previous Horlick fiasco, I decided to eliminate all form of ambiguity the other night by specifically ordering 好立克冰 (Ice Horlick in Chinese), while James opt for a cup of Kopi Peng, which the drink assistant somehow managed to mangle the pronunciation and pronounced it as 哥笔冰 (Gepi Peng).

While the two cup of beverages that were brought before us were chilled with ice, the Horlick Peng was one of the most rancid tasting fluid I have ever put in my mouth. And adding insult to injury, James kindly remarked that the cup of diluted horlick looks uncannily like fertilizing agent from a certain body part.

Given my misfortunes with beverages, I decided to play it safe and opted for iced water when I attended my childhood friend wedding banquet last night (Congratulations Toad and er..Mrs Toad). I mean what the chances of the waiter screwing up my order of iced water? Well the odds are higher than getting the Section 377A of the penal code repealed.

The initial cup of iced water did turn out fine. However given the lack of distinct coloring difference, the waiter decided to refill my glass with some 7UP/Sprite. So on top of eating the usual wedding fare, my entire night was spent racking up calories some carbonated beverage.

All I can say that it's extremely regrettable that I did not buy any 4-D last night.

Random Video of the Day

Crying in the Party

熱播的歌 忽爾靜了
場邊 一聲慘叫
好友都靠近了 你沒有被忘掉
觀眾 預了分擔惡兆

大喝三杯 失控地笑
孩子 終於哭了
空氣的震盪裡 你沒說但心照
某個事情大概 不妙了

*因一個人痛哭 哭崩派對舞曲
我也曾像這樣 青春大概相似
總有段情 落入這種 困局

或有一天 當你大了
城府 開始深了
年輕的眼淚流光了 便掛念曾經這樣了*

讓你哭泣 哭到倦了
重整 呼吸心跳
哭過吵過鬧過 你為愛做足了
再接下來就要 收拾了

Repeat *

是 所有熱情會乾掉 一發現已經成熟了

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 6:41 PM


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