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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The path to longevity

A few years back, my battle against the bulge was consistent theme on this blog. Breaching the 3 digits barrier was somewhat of a personal milestone back at that time. Like one of Newton's law of motion, once my weight went past the 100kg barrier it continued its singular downward motion and I rubbed my eyes in disbelief at the reading on the weighing scale. 94kg. Woah, hefty in the eyes of others, but it sure made me feel like Kate Moss for a brief moment.

At this moment, you may have start wondering whether have you stumbled upon a phish site for some miracle weight loss pill. Fret not, the victory at Mount Belly was short-lived as the legion of food started making inroad to Mount Belly. The last time I found myself standing at the same weighing scale, it read 103.something something.

While it certainly disappointing to see all the excesses creeping back onto the body (not to mention the return of the man boobs), I take heart from the fact that I'm going to outlive all the size 0 and wafer thin beings in this world if the below report is true.

Overweight people live longest: Japan study

Good news at last for chubby people - having a few love handles may help a person live longer, a recent study showed.

People who are overweight at the age of 40 live longer on average than people with other physiques, according to the study conducted by a Japanese Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry research team.

(click here to read full article)

And yes, I just found the elixir to longevity.


Random Song of the Day

All the fatties in the world, lets sing in unison - 我很肥,可是我很长命!

posted by Stormtrooper's Lackey at 8:27 PM


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